- The employees report daily, from anywhere, by internet, what tasks they made for a client or certain project.

 - The information entered by all the employees may be consulted and analyzed on line by the board of the organization.


Cronus offers a lot of reports in a simple, quick and intuitive way.

 Some reports are:

-      Quantity of total hours applied for a client or project

-      Quantity of hours applied for client, divided by employee or area

-      Quantity of total hours applied by area

-      Quantity of hours applied per area, divided by employees and clients

-      Quantity of total hours applied by employee

-      Quantity of hours applied per employee, divided in areas and clients


Also it is possible filter the information in order to visualize only one or several clients, areas or employees.

All the reports may be created with figures in order to know the cost either in monetary unit or hours.

As you may export the information from excel, if you want, you may create customized and tailored made reports.



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