Get high levels of efficiency by knowing exactly the time used for a project or client.

The efficiency gained in the use of the resources will have an impact in the cost reduction.

Optimize the time used by the staff monitoring the areas, clients and projects on which they are working.


Cronus is a web tool, users do not need to install any software. This gives you total compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

You can configure it quickly; you just have to input the list of the customers, tasks and employees. You can start using it in minutes.

It uses different profiles, one for the users and another for the managers.

It creates several reports with graphics which simplify the analysis of the information.

The organization may negotiate better with its customers, showing properly the hours used and allows you to divide it in areas and employees.

Cronus lets you see information about values and export its reports to Microsoft Excel.

Cronus matches with any Mobil device.

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